Discover KUR Live

KUR Live is an intimate and immersive luxury retreat program in Barbados that is exclusive to KUR Members and limited to no more than five like minded members per cohort.

KUR Live is completely customized for each guest, and centers on personalized daily sessions with your Practitioner Team, delicious meals from our award-winning chefs tailored to your nutrition strategy, moments to connect with likeminded KUR members, and plenty of opportunity to relax and enjoy everything that Barbados has to offer. Our private, secure, and sustainably operated Guesthouse allows you to be as involved or self-sufficient as you like. Access the kitchen and bars as if it were your own, or a member of our team is happy to take care of anything that you would like.

Completely unlike other health retreats, at KUR Live you work with a team that you already know and trust, and is intimately familiar with your goals, current health, and performance. Through this unrivaled personalization, your entire retreat is focussed on helping you have fun, feel and perform at your best.

An experience like no other.

Your Dedicated Team

Members work with the same dedicated Practitioner Team that supports them throughout the year. This familiarity creates an experience grounded in trust, ensuring that your entire stay at KUR Live is focused on your health and performance.

Complete Personalization

Your entire KUR Live experience is tailored to you. Your Concierge and Practitioner Team will work with you to completely customize your itinerary leading up to your stay, so that your entire week is focussed on one priority. You.


KUR Live includes opportunities for connection with other guests throughout the week. In a world where genuine connection is rare and fleeting, we work to ensure that the community spirit of KUR Live extends well past the end of the retreat.

World Leading Performance Technology

Members track their health and performance with the same secure performance data manager used by professional sports teams and military organizations around the world.

The Best of Barbados.

Barbados was the original source of inspiration for the ethos that became KUR Method, so naturally it needed to be the site of our first guesthouse.

KUR Live integrates our guests into the fabric of our local Bajan community, which creates extraordinary and authentic experiences unmatched by any traditional vacation. 

Start your journey at KUR Live.

The best place to start your journey with KUR is live in Barbados. New Members can choose to complete their onboarding in Barbados in person with their Practitioner Team. When you really think about it, Barbados makes most things better.

KUR Membership is currently open for new applications. Please complete the below and our Membership team will reach out to discuss our approach further.